The Beautiful Island of Roatan, Honduras (Maximum of 6 students)

Early February 2018 (final dates will be set when tickets are purchased)

Clinical trip to Dominican Republic Oct 3-16 ,2017 with possible  2 extra weeks with 2nd Midwife leading if desired. We all stay together in a house with attached Hostel that has some amazing gardens for apx $10 a night. flights are in to Santiago Dominican Republic and location is only about 20 min away. Our driver will pick you up for about $20 .Food can be cooked on side or can do shared meals with others interested. Hospital has 30 or so births a day with apx 30% c-sec rate . Advanced students following rules will be allowed low risk  deliveries and all other areas (B feeding, newborn exams, doula etc) . Beg students and doulas will help as doulas, breastfeeding, newborn exams  and will watch deliveries

$500 preceptor fee plus expenses. (flight from SC $500,ESTIMATED costs- food  $10 a day, shared rides $6 a day, lodging $10-20 a day depending on room, extra $ for tourist time, gifts etc) also $350 extra preceptor fee if you stay 2 extra weeks (all of Oct 2017)

NOTE : Lic Midwives or Drs can go at cost if they can lead or help lead a team. Last tip Jan 2017 we had 3 round the clock 8 hr shifts with 6 or so in each group. Trip went very well and many great friendships with team and staff were made. Note Spanish speaking is very helpful but many Drs did speak some English at this location.

see for application

LODGING Amazing AIRBNB with gardens.If in house will pay Lisa if in overflow rooms/Hostile attached will pay via airbnb link. Lovely previous stay and great drivers for airport and hospital shifts.

Note :supplies are scarce at times so please bring 2- 50lb bags of donations for moms and hospital. Baby clothes, medical supplies ,sheets, etc. Will provide ideas to get free donations.Wheelchairs are great too and can go free of charge !

Doula To Be is offered 1/2 price if needed if you will be on the trip ($150 ).Can do at own pace ahead of time and you will for sure get all your deliveries needed to finish and get your certificate. see


If you are interested in joining us on the next MTB International Trip, please click here to register.

This is a small group opportunity with plenty of hands-on supervision and training.  The visit should last 12-14 days and be progressive.  Students will begin with Spanish lessons and a few slower paced days in local mission clinics.  Students then move to a faster paced local government hospital that delivers about 15 babies per day.  Students will be divided into 2 shifts so expect to work some night shifts.


This is a third world hospital with outdated practices and plenty of needs.  Applicants should be eager but humble.   Residents of Roatan are proud and strong.  We are honored to be invited into this beautiful community.  


This placement is for:

Midwife students who have completed a minimum of their first phase of academic training (1 year).  Proof of grades and attendance is required.

Midwife students who have observed at least 20 births and have already began assisting deliveries.

Nurses who would like experience in Labor and Delivery.

COST $2,295 ..... ...........................(Prices are subject to change, especially related to airfare or if we stay longer than 14 days.)




Airfare from Atlanta.......................................... Ideally, the team meets in Atlanta where we pick up medical supplies that we will be delivering.  We then arrive in Honduras together.

Breakfast & Dinner for the stay in Roatan

Transportation to and from the Clinics/Hospitals

Medical Spanish Classes (approx. 2 hours/day)

Medical Supplies and donations to the missions

One carry-on bag

Bus fare and ferry trips to get on to Roatan

Webinar prior to departure are required.


Transportation to Atlanta (carpool trips to Atlanta will be organized if possible; depending on location of students).

Meals during travel

Daily Lunch

Medical Spanish Book (link)


Snorkeling $5/day equipment rental

The hostel has discounts to scuba lessons and other island excursions (Honduras is INCREDIBLE diving.  Don't miss this opportunity).

Sunday services are encouraged and transportation is provided.


Space is limited so students may only bring limited items.  Ideally student items will fit in a carry-on no larger than ______.  We will be checked but could accommodate items that do not fit in the carry-on.  The good news is that there is plenty of room for souvenirs on the way home.  

5 Scub pants

7 Scub tops

2 modest casual outfits

1 light dress

1 bathing suit

Sundry Items

Comfortable closed-toe working shoes



Your lodging will be in bunks at a lovely hostel.  There is no air-conditioning and although the island is hot, it's not usually over 90 degrees.  You will be walking to one of the clinics so be prepared to 'rough it' a little bit.  


Students are expected to work a shift each day and be on-call for clinic deliveries.  As most seasoned students already know, it's important to be able to function on minimal sleep.

Try to read most of Medical Spanish before your trip.  Practice using online pronunciation tools.  

DEADLINES                                                         Running Total

$500 deposit when accepted at a student               $500

$500 due by October 1, 2017                               $1,000

$500 due by Nov 1                                               $1,500

$500 due by Dec 1                                               $2,000

$295 Final payment due Jan 1, 2018                   $2,295

Deposit is non-refundable.  Other payments are refundable at 75% if requested by Dec 1st.