Natural Birth Choices: You've decided that you want a Natural Birth. What's Next?

South Carolina is privileged to offer Certified Professional Midwives who are also Licensed by the state. Unlike hospital based midwives, they are autonomous. They are not employed by a physician or hospital and are not entangled in the many hospital protocols that can restrict a woman's' choices in labor. CPMs deliver for healthy moms and healthy babies.

A Professional Midwife will be with you for your prenatal care as well as attend your birth. Births with our CPMs can either occur in one of Carolina WaterBirth's suites, in Simpsonville, or at the family's home. Because the midwife and the family make decisions for themselves we have excellent birth outcomes; including cesarean section rates as low as 7% and a 95% breastfeeding success rate.

How do you qualify to use a CPM?

Most moms can qualify if they enroll early in their pregnancy. You must be in generally good health, willing to take a natural prenatal vitamin, exercise daily and have a health conscious diet. If this is your first natural birth, you will also take a pain management birth class and be enrolled in a doula program to help make your birth easier.