Original president of SIDS Foundation says co-sleeping is not dangerous

Dr. Bergman advises pediatricians to educate parents on the benefits of safe co-sleeping

The doctor responsible for spearheading Sudden Infant Death Syndrome funding and education since the 1970's is calling for doctors to stop saying that co-sleeping is dangerous.

Dr. Abraham B. Bergman, who was the first president of the National SIDS Foundation, published an editorial in JAMA Pediatrics,“Bed Sharing per se Is Not Dangerous.”

In it, the respected doctor calls out the American Academy of Pediatrics for making unfounded claims against bed sharing with babies, and calls for consistency in how infant deaths are classified. He writes:

Since 1998, it appears that medical examiners and coroners are moving away from classifying deaths as SIDS and calling more deaths accidental suffocation or unknown cause,