Rigid Physician Supervision Requirements Impede Care for Home Birth Families

In regard to DHEC’s proposed new regulations revisions for hospital based physician approval for all moms planning home delivery, the following are my concerns about the restrictions. . Learn more about DHEC proposed new restraints at: http://www.scnacpm.org/call-to-acti...

502. Prenatal Care

"A. The midwife shall, upon acceptance of a woman for care, require her to have two (2) visits with a physician, with obstetric admitting privileges at a South Carolina hospital. One of these visits must be in the final six (6) weeks of pregnancy. A physician shall make a written determination that the planned birth is low risk. The midwife shall make entries in the patient’s record of the physician visits."

These proposed revisions have numerous problems:

1) If DHEC is going to provide a regulation, they should also provide the means with which to comply with the regulation. I have personally made contact with every known member of the DHEC OB Task Force medical offices and Dr. Bullard, DHEC staff OB. None of them were able to provide the services proposed in the regulation revision.