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Does your representative support MIDWIFE CARE in SC for healthy low-risk pregnancy?

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

The 2020 Licensed Midwife Candidate survey was released to all candidates just after Labor Day. The survey gave a brief description of licensed midwifery care and highlights information regarding SC history of the care and profession.

You’ll be delighted to hear the kind words offered in support from some SC candidates.

The survey explains that failure to respond indicates a lack of support for Licensed Midwife care in South Carolina.

Who answered with total support?

Who answered but did not give full support?

Who did not answer?


The Palmetto Association of Licensed Midwives takes pride in supporting the needs

of SC consumers by offering learning opportunities to midwives and the community at large.

Midwifery in South Carolina has a long history of serving families at birth. In 1976, South Carolina became the first state to provide legislation for the profession of and dozens of other states have followed suit.

To effect healthy outcomes, midwives strive to care for the whole woman. This approach yields exceptionally low rates of premature delivery, exceptionally high rates of successful breastfeeding, reduces the occurrence of low birth weight infants and supports the family unit.

Labor and delivery care is provided in the home or in birth centers. Women are free of restrictions in labor and give birth in the manner they choose. Close observation and patience with nature facilitate safe deliveries. Newborns are welcomed gently and remain with their mothers. Licensed Midwives tend to mother’s and baby’s needs with special attention to parent/infant bonding.

PALM - Palmetto Association of Licensed Midwives Mission:

To serve as a resource of midwifery education,

To serve as an advocate for the consumer through public education and other mechanisms,

To promote the specialty of midwifery,

To work toward continued integration of midwifery in the healthcare system,

To uphold standards of excellence for midwifery practice through continued education of the members,

To provide a networking structure to identify and address professional midwifery issues,

To promote and improve the business conditions for midwives within the healthcare system.

We would love to know your beliefs regarding Licensed Midwifery care in South Carolina.

Thank you for your kind response to the survey. As always, we look forward to meeting with you on January 19 at our #Fam4LM State House 2021 Midwife Awareness Day.

Failure to respond by October 15, 2020 will be considered a lack of support for

Licensed Midwifery Care in South Carolina.


Q# 1. Do you support community births in SC for healthy low-risk pregnancies (this would include births that occur at home, birth center or at a physician's office).

Q# 2. Do you support equal access to emergency care for families using a midwife?

Q# 3. Do you support fair/equal reimbursement rates from Medicaid/private insurance for families using a midwife?

Q# 4. Would you be willing to support/sponsor legislative efforts that improve access to midwifery care, emergency care and insurance reimbursement for healthy low-risk pregnancies in SC?

Q# 5. Do you believe that collaboration between midwife/physician/providers are a more efficient assessment of health than regulation mandates?

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