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@PresidentTrump_ #TrueHealthcare

January 31, 2017

Private providers take the time to listen to their consumers, they hold to the ideal of "do no harm," and focus on "prevention before disease."


As we make decisions about the future health of our country, I hope this administration remembers the providers that are the backbone of care.  Private care providers struggle to survive and fight the financial burden of staying in independent practice.  Big business is buying up or closing down the home town style practices and we have lost a cornerstone of care that cannot easily be replaced.  


In the past few years, filing for insurance reimbursement as a small practice has taken a tremendous financial toll on the professions.  Almost overnight, many new insurance companies came into the market; each with a mountain of paperwork needed to qualify for coverage.  At the same time, filing laws changed and became far more complicated and slower to process.  Some private care providers were even forced into 'cash only' business models.  This is unfortunate for the consumer; required by law to carry insurance which might not adequately cover his chosen preventative care provider.  




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