Placement Services for Student Midwives
When Midwifery Grows, Everyone Wins. 
What is CORD?

CORD is a placement service for established student midwives.  

Excellence in midwifery education can be difficult especially when seeking clinical placement.  Our mission is to coordinate a smooth placement so that all qualified students find a matching preceptor.


CORD has arrangements and relationships with birth centers and midwives nationwide.   Not only do we interview students prior to placement, but we have ongoing communication with both the student and preceptor throughout placement.

Domestic Placement

Domestic placement helps the student achieve the minimal requirements for NARM testing.  Placement is normally set for particular time slots so a student should expect to receive more than the minimum requirements.  

How do I qualify for Placement?

1) Successfully completed 1/3 of required academics from a MEAC or PEP approved program

2) Have a 3.0 or equivalent GPA

3) Attend Domestic Placement Webinar

4) Fill out the placement questionnaire

5) Be accepted by CORD and a NARM qualified preceptor

International Placement

How do I qualify for International Placement? 

CORD strongly believes in excellence in midwifery training and recommends that student follow a preceptor for 100 births before staring her own practice.  

The 40 minimal birth requirements for NARM testing are excellent opportunity to experience what it means to be a home or birth center midwife providing 'continuity of care' to clients.  This type of training is critical for quality midwifery services.

Standard birth experience before graduations is 100 birth/management.  If students are not able to achieve these numbers in their domestic placement, they are offered an additional opportunity with international placement.

Unlike domestic clinical placement, international students may not provide all of the prenatal care, but they usually gain more emergency skills training.  

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