Who Can Deliver with our Birth Team?

We deliver for healthy moms and healthy babies.  Most moms who are motivated to eat right, exercise, take a food-based prenatal vitamin, read, learn and attend prenatal appointments will qualify for our care.  


First-time moms or first-time natural birth moms will attend a childbirth class and have a doula.


We do not accept smokers.  


Depending on the circumstances we do sometimes accept VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) moms. 

How does it work?

When you use a Professional Midwife, most of your prenatal care is at the birthing center.  All of the services that would be provided at an OB's office are available through a midwife, but might not be required.  Women and pregnancies are not all the same, so the midwife and the family would pick and choose which services are appropriate for each situation.


If you are choosing a home delivery, the birth team will do a home visit at the end of your pregnancy and then provide the supplies for your birth at your home.  


Carolina WaterBirth has a small staff of nurses, midwives, doulas and a physician.  We have extended prenatal visits with each family and always leave time for questions.


If this is your first baby, our childbirth classes have been time-tested to help you be prepared for delivery.  Our doulas prefer to meet you at your home and then travel with you to the birth center when it's time. 

What About Insurance?

Most private insurance covers Professional Midwifery care and birthing centers.  Although each contract is different, we can usually provide you with a quote after your first prenatal appointment.


You may find us in your insurance directory under Carolina Birth Center, but often Independant Midwives are not able to contract with insurance companies because they are not physicians.  Remember, Professional Midwives DO NOT WORK FOR A DOCTOR OR HOSPITAL.  But from the consumer's standpoint, it's likely that your out-of-pocket cost will be significantly lower when you use Carolina WaterBirth.


Our cash pay discounted amounts are also very reasonable and with all of the changes in healthcare; we often find that our price is less than some of the newer deductible rates. 


Call to schedule a tour and we'll discuss your insurance options. 

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