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YES we file most

Insurance Claims

You work hard to pay for your medical insurance and at CWB it's important to us that you are able to use your coverage.  Although many companies will not contract with midwives, our negotiated claims should save you money and help you meet your deductible.  

When you are ready to schedule your initial visit, please fill out a contact form so we can send you the verification process. 

Father & Son


CWB is proud to be able to accept South Carolina Medicaid.  We accept the state plan which is called South Carolina Solution.  Soon after enrolling, you will be asked to join a Managed Care Plan.  Our preferred plan is Absolute Total Care (ATC).

ATC covers more of the services required by Licensed Midwives which is a cost savings to you.  On rare occasions, we can accept other plans, but please call for more information before scheduling. 

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