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Water Birth

In many cases, even women who have experienced giving birth with a midwife at their sides are not familiar with what a water birth is. But were they to talk to anyone who has experienced giving birth in a water birthing tub like those at Carolina WaterBirth they'll find she is usually eager to share what made her decide to do so:

  • In many cases, immersing oneself in water during the first phases of labor, reduces the duration of the labor.

  • Women who have had a water birth lower their chances of suffering stress incontinence in years to come.

  • The warmth and weightlessness of water births soothe the mother and allow her to experience satisfaction in having given birth in the way women did for years before modern medicine stepped in.


Those who live in South Carolina have an opportunity to find out by visiting Carolina WaterBirth.  Visit our blog for more details:

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