When It's Time, Call the Midwife.

Whether it's a yearning to return to a kinder, gentler time, or the fact that a new generation has entered parenting age, something has sparked a newfound interest in choosing a midwife in a quiet peaceful birth center over the rushed OB-GYN policies. 


Hiring a midwife is no longer a tradition of the past and as hospitals return to overly-stringent policies and restrict personal choice; families are turning to the safety and comfort of birth centers and midwives. 


Not only is a midwife-assisted birth a better option for most healthy women, but because of the calmer environment, they baby receives many benefits as well.   

The Role of the Midwife

The role of the midwife is not limited to the actual birth in the birth center or home.  Midwives provide assistance to women during the prenatal visits, childbirth and postpartum. In the weeks leading up to your due date, we offer childbirth classes and guidance to the mother about what she can expect and the foods she should be eating.  After the baby is born, the midwife encourages immediate bonding and provides breastfeeding support. 

Mereinda & Sandy have a Long and Beautiful History

A combined experience of almost 60 years, Mereinda was actually the preceptor for Sandy back in 1995.  Since Mereinda was originally Sandy's own midwife and Sandy was the first to have a documented waterbirth in South Carolina, Mereinda was the first Midwife on record to attend a waterbirth.  

After licensing in 1999, Sandy's first official "catch" as a Licensed Midwife was Mereinda's youngest son.  

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