When It's Time, Call the Midwife.

Whether it's a yearning to return to a kinder, gentler time, or the fact that a new generation has entered parenting age, something has sparked a newfound interest in choosing a midwife in a quiet peaceful birth center over a rushed OB-GYN on a tight schedule in a harshly-lit metallic delivery room. We say “newfound” interest because, believe it or not, many women aren't aware that hiring a midwife is still an option. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Midwives have been bringing babies into the world long before and will continue to do so long after in places like Carolina WaterBirth in, of course, Carolina — Simpsonville, South Carolina to be exact. Not only is a midwife-assisted birth a better option for the mother, but it's also better for the baby about to be born since a calmer mother without her senses dulled by pain medications or epidurals is able to devote her attention to her newborn son or daughter from the very first second he or she is laid on her belly.

The Role of the Midwife

If you are just learning about midwives, allow us to present a crash course. Midwives are engaged in a profession that concentrates on providing assistance to women in childbirth. But the role of the midwife is not limited to the actual birth in the birth center. In the weeks leading up to the due date, many midwives conduct childbirth classes offering guidance to the mother about what she can expect, the foods she should be eating, and if the mother is new to breastfeeding, she presents it as a possibility. And after the baby is born, the midwife is there should she be needed, but hovers in the background lest she get in the way as the mother gets to know her baby.

How to Find a Midwife

As in anything, word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Many mothers find a midwife by talking to their friends who have had natural childbirth. But even so, one should interview the midwife in question to see if personalities will mesh since this is the person who will be their rock once labor begins. And if your home is not to be where you give birth, you should also visit every birth center in your vicinity.