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Valentine's Day Babies

If your baby was conceived on Valentines Day, when is your baby due date?

Midwives see this each year and it's always such a delight. Somewhere around March 15th, those little pink or blue lines in the pregnancy test begin with a shadow and get darker each day. It makes me wonder just what Shakespeare was really referencing when he wrote,

"Beware the Ides of March."

Mama was late (for... well... you know) and so we call this Happy "late" Valentines Day.

If your baby was actually conceived on Valentines Day, than your due date would be 11/7 (a lucky number). Of course those wily sperm can live a few extra days, so conception could occur as late as February 19th and an ultrasound might give you a due date as late as November 12. Theoretically, those late due dates would be little girl Valentine blessings.

Isn't this fun?

So in the words

of our favorite Valentine

Heart candies;

"True Love,"

"Be Mine,"

"Let's Kiss"

& "Oh Baby."

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Jun 23, 2021

November 7th Due Dates, it is time to consider getting your anatomy ultrasound! Boy or Girl?

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