Birth Centers, Legislation, Smoke and Mirrors - Oh My!

Are you confused by what seems like ever-changing proposals for Birth Center Statute Revisions? We don’t blame you, but it really is more simple than it appears.

In straight-forward common language, here is the problem:

The Affordable Care Act protected Birth Centers Nationwide, so instead of playing fair; the medical establishments are pushing back with laws that potentially extinguish their competition.

See, that’s simple; right?

How do you tell the good bills from the bad? That’s simple too; if the bill is seeking to put hospitals and/or physicians over Birth Centers, Birth Center policy or Midwives; it is a Monopoly Bill.

Honestly, DHEC should not be allowed to reinterpret SC statutes after 25 years of successful Birth Center operation, but they did. So the ONLY thing that a SC Bill actually needs would be clarification for DHEC. We need DHEC to understand and accept that when there is a problem at a Birth Center; they should not expect a physician to be called first, they should accept the midwife’s professional judgement about the proper course of action and then expect the hospitals and EMS to follow the Federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA).

Our Bill is H.4393. It protects ALL SC Birth Centers currently in operation, as well as the potential for future Birth Centers . Tell your representatives to ONLY vote for a bill that does NOT cause any birth monopoly.

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