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Medicaid Recipients Enrollment Day

Your Prenatal Group is scheduled! Check CWB calendar for enrollment dates:


Sign Up to deliver at CWB using your Medicaid Insurance. We'll give you a tour, answer your questions and start your paperwork. Sign Up times are limited so don't miss this opportunity. Remember that these classes are required for qualifying for midwifery care. Fathers and/or very friends that will be supporting you at your birth are encouraged to attend. Group Prenatal Classes will continue on a monthly basis. We will be learning about pain management techniques and healthy pregnancy expectations. You will also get your scheduled prenatal care at this appointment. THESE CLASSES ARE ALWAYS FUN! See you soon. RSVP Here:

Don't forget to bring your water bottle and a pillow. We also highly recommend the movie, The Business of Being born:!-the-business-of-being-born-/g75jo For more information about Carolina WaterBirth vist:!midwife-review/c1rpo

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