Does Insurance Cover WaterBirth?

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost you to have a WaterBirth at a Private

Birth Center?

Many Insurance plans are extremely flexible and since the overall cost of natural midwifery care is less, your out of pocket coverage could be reasonable.

If January 1st occurs in the midst of your pregnancy, you may have the opportunity to switch insurance plans. Which plan is best for alternative birth options?

  • United Healthcare is by far the easiest plan to use for Midwife births.

  • Cigna and Aetna are also flexible with low quotes

  • "Share" plans are simple to file and many give incentives to their customers who use a Professional Midwife.

  • Blue Cross plans are the most difficult, but because they are the state plan many families do not have another options. For BCBS families, Carolina WaterBirth offers our best prepayment discounted rates.