21 Reasons to Have Your Baby at a Birth Center

Updated: Jun 23

21 Reasons to Have Your Baby at a Birth Center: http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/

When I first found out I was pregnant with my first child, there was no question that I would give birth at the hospital. In all honesty, the thought of having my child outside a hospital environment never crossed my mind or was it even discussed with my husband. Being from a medical family with two MDs and a nurse in the immediate family sealed the deal. After informally polling a dozen or so women about their recent birth experience to determine which hospital was “best”, however I inadvertently discovered that literally every single woman I chatted with about her baby’s hospital birth had a terrible experience. The full reality of the situation was staring me clearly in the face. My chance of experiencing a dream birth at a hospital was basically slim to none. At that point, I didn’t know what I was looking for but I knew I didn’t want to have my baby at the hospital and I didn’t want a homebirth either. Birthing outside the hospital was rare even back in the late 1990’s and “googling” to find out info was not yet in vogue either, so I had to find information out the old fashioned way – by asking around! After a number of weeks, I finally found someone who suggested that I try to find a birth center.